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Winter Workshop 2015 Is On the Way!

It's official! Rio Grande is thrilled to announce that Winter Workshop 2015 is ON. Last year's event was great and this year's will be even better! What a whirlwind of activity you're in for—listening, learning, doing, asking questions, trying new things and meeting fellow jewelry makers. Planning is already underway, and YOU are the key to making it great. Watch this page for announcements about the class lineup…we'll be posting them as the details are settled.

Experience Rio firsthand while you learn jewelry making from the industry's top instructors. It's a week full of educational opportunities, where you can sign up for several classes (metal forming, plating, casting, stone setting and more) and indulge your craving for learning.

Winter Workshops

While you're here, tour our 180,000 square foot solar-powered facility, and discover the latest and greatest jewelry-making tools in our demo area. Over the course of several days, immerse yourself in this invigorating educational environment, then return to your studio fired up and ready to get back to the bench.

Our Demo Area: Take a Peek at What You'll See!

Jewelry-Making Tools, Equipment & Techniques

While at Rio, check out some of the latest & greatest tools and equipment from the best names in the business in our FREE demo area! Watch these remarkable tools in action and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions about new processes that can broaden your design options as a jeweler. Held all day, every day, during Rio Grande’s Winter Workshop Series!

Fretz Metal Forming Tools
Just wait until you get your hands on a Fretz hammer and use one of his remarkable miniature stakes! Experience the high-quality feel and precision performance of these beautiful tools!


Once you try them, things will never look the same! Lightweight, comfy, high-res binocular telescopes mounted on a titanium frame feature 2X magnification customized to work with your personal prescription or reading correction.


Stone-Setting with the GRS BenchMate™
THE work-holding system for jewelers! See how easy it is to do the precision work required in stone setting using this stable and versatile system.


Propane/Oxygen Advanced Soldering Kit
Watch the experts demonstrate soldering techniques using our everything-but-the-kitchen-sink advanced soldering kit!


Wolf Wax Carving Tool Set
Once you try Kate Wolf's "wicked sharp", customizable wax-carving tools, you'll see how easy it is to create beautiful, precise carvings.


The number one choice for rotary tools. Watch Foredom®'s versatility at the bench in action and see why it's an ideal choice for stone-setting and other precision tasks.


Bonny Doon Hydraulic Press
Let's just say you have to see it to believe it. Discover what the strong-arm machinery can do in creating gorgeous metal-formed designs!


E-Coating with MIDAS® System
As easy as plating, in colors that rival enamels! Check out the new way to color and protect metal designs using the nano-ceramic e-coating process.


Polishing with JoolTool
Want accurate, effective finishing results? Then try the innovative JoolTool polishing system; you can even work from the underside and keep an eye on your workpiece the entire time!


Swanstrom Pliers and Cutters
Think "Swanstrom," think SUPERIOR QUALITY. Discover why these incredible tools are the go-to for jewelers for everything from bead stringing to metal forming.


Durston Rolling Mill
Watch all the cool things you can do to metal using our most popular rolling mill from the one and only Durston!

Anodizing Niobium & Titanium
See what colorful effects you can achieve with reactive metals. Layers of oxidation (that you control through anodizing) distort inbound light to cause phenomenal color.

Orion Pulse Arc Welder
Discover the pulse arc welder that will help you increase production and efficiency in any size business...and with incredible precision!


Have you tried PMC® yet? Once you do, you'll be hooked. See how easy it is to create silver jewelry designs without casting or soldering.


Displays and Packaging
While in our demo area, check out Rio's different jewelry display and packaging components and ideas for showing your work at its best!


Tour Rio Grande: Discover Where It All Happens!

Tour Rio Grande: Discover Where It All Happens!

Visitors to our 180,000 square foot solar-powered facility have raved about our guided tours for years. Workshop Series attendees are offered a full schedule of tours during their stay in Albuquerque. Take a peek behind the scenes and meet the people responsible for crafting the thousands of American-made findings found on our website and in our catalogs. Hear about the early days as our founder, Saul Bell, laid down roots in New Mexico. And experience the rapidly evolving future here that includes our one-of-a-kind solar farm and innovative work environment.

Tours are held at 4pm Monday through Friday during our Winter Workshop Series. If you'd like to tour at a different time, call us at 866.246.2698 or submit a request.

Albuquerque: Where to Stay

Welcome to Albuquerque, Our Land of Enchantment!


Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of the Southwest. Soak in our blue skies and year-round sunshine. Breathe in the high-desert air scented with sage and piñon, and you'll understand why New Mexico is truly the Land of Enchantment.

Where to Stay Special rates are available to our students at Hampton Inn & Suites West, Hotel Albuquerque, La Quinta Inn & Suites and Best Western.

In order to get the corporate rate, you must call the local number listed below, and mention you are taking a class at Rio Grande. All prices are subject to change without notice.

FREE shuttle service to and from classes is available for registered students. Pickup locations are: Hotel Albuquerque, Hampton Inn, La Quinta Inn & Suites, and Best Western.

  • Hotel Albuquerque
    Rate: $109
    800 Rio Grande
    Code: TBG2013
    *Near Old Town.
  • Hampton Inn
    Rate: $70
    6150 Iliff Road NW
    *Limited access to restaurants and other conveniences in walking-distance.
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites
    Rate: $60
    6101 Iliff Road NW

    Must call 505.839.1744 in order to get appropriate cost.
    Choose option 6, in order to get discounted rate.
    Must ask for Rio Grande Rates to get the discount.
    *Limited access to restaurants and other conveniences in walking-distance.
  • Best Western Rio Grande
    Rate: $68
    1015 Rio Grande Blvd. NW
    *Has restaurant, bar & grill, pool and complimentary airport shuttle 7am-10pm
  • Rio Grande Address
    7500 Bluewater Rd. NW
  • Albuquerque Visitor Information
    Need information about lodging or other activities in Albuquerque during Rio's Winter Workshop Series? Check out the Albuquerque Visitors Bureau website.



Mark Nelson
Meet Mark Nelson. Rio Grande's television celebrity (Beads Baubles & Jewels), retail bench jeweler, custom jewelry designer, instructor and "his exaltedness highness of the third realm of awesomeness." A favorite instructor among students, Mark
William Seeley
Bill Seeley holds a B.A. in theater from Michigan State University and an MFA in Art and Design from the University of Kansas. These two things may seem incongruous for a guy who went on to found Reactive Metals Studio and now spends his time
Bill Fretz
Meet Bill Fretz: jeweler, craftsman, teacher and designer of remarkable tools.
Bill's interest in making jewelry began with his interest in jewelry-making tools (no surprise) and grew after talking to renowned metalsmiths like Paul Evans.
Blaine Lewis
Pioneer of the use of high-definition, high-magnification projection of fine, precision work being demonstrated in the classroom, Blaine Lewis brings a transformational zest and energy to learning stone-setting.
Charles Lewton-Brain
Ask artist and goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain what his favorite jewelry-making technique is and he'll quickly reply, "Making pictures using metals." An ambassador of both beauty and process in the jewelry arts, Charles approaches his metal-forming
David Swallow
David is a 3DESIGN software certified trainer and application engineer for Vision Numeric. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and specializes in 3D modeling and design. Add to that eight years of CAD jewelry-making experience, including
Gregg Burgard
Gregg Burgard started making jewelry at the young age of sixteen. Before he could even drive, he would take the bus to Rio Grande to buy supplies for his workshop that he was building with a friend in his garage. During summer break, he would
Julianna Silva
Meet Julianna Silva: business mentor, partner, aspiring world traveler. With a degree in business from University of New Mexico's renowned Anderson School of Management, Julianna provides marketing, accounting and operations support for micro-businesses,
Kate Wolf
The first time Kate sat down at a jeweler's bench she said to herself, "I could explore this field for the rest of my life and not run out of techniques to learn." Decades later, she knows she was absolutely right.
Marlene Richey
Meet Marlene Richey: CEO, Employee of the Month, and Janitor (and darn proud of all her roles). With degrees from both accredited universities and the school of hard knocks, Marlene is a hard-fought expert in applying business principles to
Patrik Kusek
Some of our favorite words in the dictionary describe PMC® designer Patrik Kusek: enthusiastic, inventive, clever, determined and, without a doubt, passionate. You see it in his playful and thoughtful designs, and it radiates from him when
Peter Gilroy
Peter Gilroy grew up knowng he wanted to work with his hands?metalsmithing, woodcarving, architecture. It all came together when he went to work at Bonny Doon Tools and began making jewelry. "Having all those awesome tools," he says, "got my
Phillip Scott
At the bright young age of 13, Phil Scott's father brought him to Rio Grande where he purchased some silver wire and sheet to make his father a bolo tie--the first piece of jewelry Phil ever made, and the piece he's most proud of. Now, more
Ricky Frank
For more than 35 years, master enamelist Ricky Frank has put his heart and soul into enameling. That's just what you do when you are captivated by an art form. His reason for becoming a jeweler? To have a way to sell his enamels. And every technique
Tim Sheriff
Here at Rio, we call Tim Sheriff "a Tim of all trades." Tim does it all: He designs and creates jewelry-making tools. He casts, plates, solders engraves, facets, grades diamonds, works wire and makes handmade chain from scratch. And if there's

Winter Workshop Classes

The class offerings for this year's Winter Workshop will be announced in early fall…what will be there for you? Stop by and see! We can't wait to share the excitement with you this winter.

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