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fretz stakes
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fretz stakes
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How to Form Convex Bracelets with Fretz Tools
Jewelry tool creator Bill Fretz tours his metal forming stakes and hammers as he makes a convex bracelet.
Basic Jewelry Hammering & Forming Teaser
Watch this short excerpt of Bill Fretz's tutorial DVD, Basic Jewelry Hammering & Forming.
Metalsmith Essentials: Forming Hollow Rings Video Preview
Enjoy a quick sample of the incredible information on making hollow rings offered in this video, hosted by renowned metalsmith and designer Bill Fretz.
Metalsmith Essentials: Expert Bezel Forming Video Preview
Enjoy a quick sample of the incredible information offered in this video, hosted by renowned metalsmith and designer Bill Fretz.
Making a Concave Cuff Bracelet with Fretz Silversmith's Forming Stakes
Watch this video presented by Bill Fretz and learn how to form a concave cuff bracelet using Silversmith's forming stakes.
How to Make Vessels Using Fretz Miniature Forming Stakes
Learn how to make beautifully shaped small vessels using Fretz miniature forming stakes.
How To Make Custom Bezels Using Fretz Miniature Bezel-Forming Stakes
Learn how to use innovative Fretz miniature bezel-forming stakes with these instructions.

Showing 1-30 of 7 results

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