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How To Sell Precious Metal Scrap to Rio Grande
Never let a piece of scrap go to waste! You can return your precious metal scrap to Rio Grande and turn your leftovers back into buying power.
Test the TemprRing Jump Ring
Watch how much stronger our TemprRing® jump rings are when matched against traditional rings.
Argentium, Volume 1: An Excerpt
Watch an excerpt of the popular series on working with Argentium® Silver by silversmith Ronda Coryell.
Argentium, Volume 2: An Excerpt
Watch an excerpt of the popular series on working with Argentium® Silver by silversmith Ronda Coryell.
Argentium, Volume 3: An Excerpt
Watch an excerpt of the popular series on working with Argentium® Silver by silversmith Ronda Coryell.
Making Fused Argentium Beads
See how to use Argentium Sterling discs to create a variety of bead designs.
Argentium, Volume 4: An Excerpt
Watch an excerpt of the popular series on working with Argentium® Silver by silversmith Ronda Coryell.
Soldering 201: Soldering and Working With Argentium Silver
Follow along with industry favorite and Argentium® Silver expert Ronda Coryell as she shares a variety of tips for working with Argentium Silver.
How To Make Fused Argentium Bead Caps
Unlike sterling, Argentium® Silver is easy to fuse with no solder needed, allowing you to create amazing custom design elements such as these rope-edged bead caps.
Rose-Cut Cabochon Earrings Project
Glorious rose-cut cabs are easy to set and their many facets provide a glittering play of light in this project from Rio Grande
Argentium Silver Gallery Wire Bezel Bracelet Project
Briolette drops and cabochons set into Argentium® Silver gallery wire bezels create a dynamic, eye-catching bracelet that's ready to sell. Learn how in this project from Rio Grande.
Fused Argentium Silver Stone-Set Earrings Project
Set cabochons into granulated and tarnish-resistant Argentium® Silver to create dramatic earrings in this project from Rio Grande.
Argentium and Freshwater Cultured Coin Pearl Earrings, Idea Project
Argentium® domed tag components, freshwater cultured coin pearls and sterling ear wires combine to create these dangle earrings in this design idea from Rio Grande.
Argentium 935 Silver Casting Grain Technical Sheet
This reference sheet contains working properties and instructions for casting Argentium® Silver 935 casting grain.
How To
Tips for Hardening Argentium Silver Discs
Learn how to harden Argentium® Silver discs.
Argentium Silver Jump Ring Comparison Chart, Round and Oval
Use this chart to compare the various sizes of Argentium® Silver jump rings Rio Grande offers so that you can choose the appropriate diameter and thickness rings you need for your designs.
Ronda Coryell
When you step into the classroom with Ronda Coryell, know that you are in the presence of one of the top experts in the world on Argentium® Silver, as well as one of the most generous and enthusiastic jewelry-making instructors you'll ever
Comparing Argentium 935 and Argentium 935 PRO Alloys
Use this technical sheet to help you select the Argentium® Silver alloy best suited to the work you need to do.
Argentium Silver Features Brochure
Find out all the features and benefits of tarnish-resistant Argentium® Silver in this brochure.
Argentium Mokumé Workshop, 2008: A Look Back
This information sheet recounts a workshop held at Rio Grande in 2008, when ready-to-work mokumé gane sheet and rods were new product offerings.
Working with Argentium Silver: Tips and Procedures
Learn from one of the first to work with Argentium Silver! Written by metalsmith Cynthia Eid, this user's guide offers a wealth of help and information.
Comparing Silver Hardnesses
This chart shows the Vickers hardness for fine silver, sterling and Argentium® Silver across each common annealing term.
How To
Additional Cuts on Fabrication Metals
Understand how to order additional cuts for your fabrication metals.
White Paper
Argentium Silver Fact File
This comprehensive reference piece explains the color, hardness, purity and tarnish-resistant properties of Argentium® Silver.
Argentium Sterling Silver Sheet MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Argentium Sterling Silver Square Wire MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Argentium 930 Silver Solder Sheet MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Argentium Silver Solder Wire MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet

Showing 1-30 of 34 results

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