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Tri-Cord Knotter Stringing Kit

Item Number: 635320

This kit has it all! The lid of the plastic case is a beading tray; the bottom of the case holds all the tools and supplies.

Catalog page: 2016 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p. 802

How To
A Pearl Stringer’s Most Valuable Tool!
Learn how to use a pearl knotting tool to get consistent, professional results in a fraction of the time the traditional awl-and-tweezers method requires. Once you’ve mastered the knotting tool, you can reduce your knotting time by as much as 50% and still produce snug, even knots for a professional finish!

Step 1
Make a loop over the fingers of your left hand with thread. Lead the end of the strand through the loop.
Step 2
Pick up the thread with the awl tip of the knotter. Slide your fingers out of the loop; pull up on the thread to guide the knot down snugly against the pearl.
Step 3
Lay the thread in the V-groove tip of the knotter. Keeping tension on the thread with your left hand, push the knot up and off the awl tip with your right thumb.
Step 4
Slide the next pearl against the knot and repeat steps 1–3 until your strand is complete.
Step 5
Your knots will stay snug and even. Once you complete the strand with a clasp, your professionally knotted strand is finished.

How To Finish Strands with Bead Tips
See how to finish strands neatly and professionally using bead tips to hide knots and provide a tidy, secure tip for attaching clasps. A variety of hole sizes allows you to accommodate a wide range of cord sizes.

Step 1
Slide the bead tip onto the thread.
Step 2
Guide the knot into the cup using an awl.
Step 3
Tighten the knot, then add a second knot.
Step 4
Clip off excess thread.
Step 5
Apply jeweler’s cement to secure the knots.
Step 6
Add a clasp, then close the hook into the tip.