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Convert Your Precious Metal Scrap To Buying Power!

Returning your scrap to us for Rio Grande credit or a direct refund check is as easy as can be and will really help your bottom line. See our frequently asked questions below.

What is my scrap worth?

Payment amounts are based on market value current on the day we settle your scrap return, regardless of when it was shipped or received. We do our best to process every shipment within two business days; however, please allow a bit of leeway for circumstances beyond our control, such as high volumes or lots that require additional testing.
Please Note: Cleaning your scrap, separating your metals, melting small pieces of like metals together, and clearly labeling your scrap before shipping significantly speeds the processing time.
Important: Rio Grande reserves the right to physically alter the metal scrap in order to determine its purity. Please be aware that your piece may be damaged or malformed during testing.

What kind of scrap can I return?

We accept silver, silver-filled, gold, gold-filled, palladium, platinum and PMC® items.
We cannot accept base metal, electroplating solutions, photographic processing materials or sweeps. Please do not send plated non-precious metal jewelry; we cannot recover the precious metal from this type of jewelry. If you have sweep metal you wish to donate to a good cause, please visit for information.

How do I send in my scrap?

You will need to ship your scrap along with the scrap packing list. Fill out the form completelyand accurately to ensure a speedy transaction.

1) Separate scrap by metal type. Package each type separately in plastic bags. Note: Do not use tape or any other adhesive to seal the bag—scrap can get caught or stuck and may be overlooked.

2) Package all bags and your completed scrap packing list in a box, securely sealed, and ship it to us.

Important: Domestic customers! To the best of our knowledge, USPS is the only carrier that will insure these packages (and only when they are sent Registered Mail). In order to protect your property, we suggest that you ship your package by USPS Registered Mail and insure it fully, regardless of its size. Keep the receipt until your transaction is complete. Whichever carrier you choose, however, please contact them for details about properly insuring your package.

Important: International customers! Declare your parcel as "scrap." Should your carrier ask for additional information, the chart below, showing U.S. import tariff numbers, may help. (In our experience, the U.S. Postal service does not charge fees for clearing parcels through customs.) Please be aware that Rio does not pay for or reimburse freight charges, duties, taxes or carrier processing fees; please pre-pay all charges.

Scrap content Tariff number
Gold (including metal clad with gold) 7112.91.00
Platinum 7112.92.00
Other (sterling, Argentium, fine silver, silver-filled) 7112.99.00

Send the box to:
Attention: Returns
Rio Grande
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121

3) After processing, you will receive a copy of your transaction by email (or USPS, if an email address was not provided). On this transaction invoice, we will list the type and weight of the scrap we received from you, the rate(s) at which it was paid and the total Rio credit or payment. Please note that Rio never charges fees for testing or handling your scrap.

IMPORTANT: Please review your invoice immediately. Any disputes regarding metal purity, weight or payment amount must be reported within 5 days from the date on the invoice.

Returning your scrap metals is an easy way to recycle your materials and recover costs. Please follow the guidelines above to make this process quick and easy and to maximize profitability for your business.


Scrap FAQ

1. What types of metals can I send in?
Sterling and fine silver, gold, gold-filled, platinum, palladium, and fired PMC®. (We do not accept base metal, electroplating solutions, electronic scrap, photographic processing materials or sweeps.)

2. Do I have to separate the metals?
Yes. Please put each metal type (silver/gold-filled/10K/14K/18K/platinum etc.) in a separate bag.

3. Do you accept dental scrap? Yes, provided the metal is free from any organic (non-metal) material.

4. Can you apply my refund to my credit card or checking account? We can remit your credit to your checking account, apply it to your Rio Account, or send you a refund check. Unfortunately we cannot apply credit to your credit card.

5. Can you send me a refund check? Yes.

6. What is the percentage paid for refund and/or credit to account? See the table above.

7. Do you accept sweeps or dust?
We do accept silver dust. We do not accept sweeps for payment, but we are happy to forward these sweeps to CERF as a donation, if you wish. Learn more about our CERF program at

8. How long will it take to process my scrap?
Processing time is typically 1–2 days after we receive your scrap. You will receive a confirmation email once your scrap has been processed.

9. How should I package my scrap?
Please package each metal type in a separate, sealable plastic bag so none of the scrap can fall out. Do not use tape or adhesive on the bag to seal it, as this may capture some of your scrap and cause it to be overlooked. When placing your scrap in a shipping box, make sure all the ends of the box are taped so that if some scrap does happen to spill out of the bags, it will not fall out of the box.

10. What address do I send it to? 
Send your shipment to:
Attn: Returns
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121

11. Why doesn’t the shipping weight match what you calculated during processing? 
We weigh the majority of metals in troy ounces (karat gold and platinum are weighed in pennyweights), but standard postal scales, used in figuring shipping weight, weigh in avoirdupois ounces. We calibrate our scales monthly to ensure they are consistently accurate.

12. Can you take my scrap if I don’t have a Rio Grande account? 
Yes, you may send in your scrap, and we will create an account for you upon receipt in order to send you a refund.

13. Can you split my scrap payment between credit and refund?
Yes; simply separate your scrap into two different lots and include a Scrap Packing List with each lot. In this way, you can select the refund option for one lot and the credit option for the other. Please Note: We have no way to apply two settlement options to a single lot of scrap.

14. There are gemstones in my scrap. What should I do?
Please remove any gemstones from your scrap that you wish to retain. Rio Grande does not buy gemstones and is unable to return any gemstones present in scrap to you.

15. Do you accept Vermeil?
Yes, Rio Grande does accept vermeil (gold-plated silver) scrap. However, we only pay for the silver content of vermeil scrap. The amount of gold present is not economical to recover.

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