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Laser Welders
Every joule of input power going into a Neutec PulsePoint laser welding machine gets to the work at hand—precisely, powerfully and cost-effectively.

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Every joule of input power going into a Neutec PulsePoint laser welding machine gets to the work at hand—precisely, powerfully and cost-effectively.

A discount offer? No. A coupon deal? No.
But there are add-on costs, right? ...Nope.
Just the best machine made at the best price going. Period.
Fill out the contact form above or call us at 800.870.0111.

The Deal of the Decade.

Deal of the Decade.

Power. Precision. Price. Rio Grande is offering special pricing on its line of PulsePoint™ laser welding machines. For example, you can own the PulsePoint Plus 125, fully loaded, including the on-board camera and our best accessory kit, for a price that saves you $3,250. And we don't stop there…Rio Grande is determined to leave no one behind; whatever model your business needs can be yours at a price that'll save you as much as $3,000. Call us today. Save thousands and put the benefits of PulsePoint™ laser-welding to work for your business!

Affordable By Design.

Affordable By Design.

You wouldn’t be the pro we know you are without asking questions when you see a deal like this. So, how can we afford pricing like this? Simple. High-quality, efficient manufacturing and leading-edge design. PulsePoint™ laser welding machines and the components inside them make these machines highly affordable to build, as well as to own and operate. Neutec® assigns a fair price for each machine—and, sure, you can assume a fair margin per machine (after all, we’re in business, too)—and that price has always been right on par with machines that have nowhere near the guts you get in a PulsePoint laser welding machine. Now, our price is going to make PulsePoint the only machine worth having.

The Story of WHY.

Neutec PulsePoint: Laser Welding for Jewelry Makers and Manufacturers

Right from the start, when laser technology was just gaining attention in the jewelry world, Neutec® looked to offer more:

• equipment that takes advantage of the lastest breakthroughs in technology to specifically serve jewelers.
• equipment that reflects an understanding of what it is to work with precious metals.
• equipment that works with you—respecting the metal, respecting the work, respecting the vision.

In those early days, Neutec® engineers took a long, hard look at the laser welders that were on the market. What they found was summarized at the time by Eddie Bell, president of Neutec: "everyone was getting into a horsepower war—adding more and more joules. Our engineering staff focused its attention instead on efficiency, on making every joule work harder." Because other machines were designed primarily around their electrical circuitry, they lacked critical attention to the output—an understanding of metallurgical characteristics and an understanding of the work the jeweler needs to do. Our response? To partner Rio Grande's deep knowledge of metals and jewelry making with experts on laser technology. The result? PulsePoint™ laser welding equipment.

Jewelers Love Joules.

Jewelers Love Joules.

Okay, these may not be the kind that come to mind first for jewelers, but they're precious nonetheless. You pay for every joule that goes into your laser welder, and you pay for the wear that can happen as it bounces around in there. On the other hand, you benefit by the incredible work its power can do when it gets to your workpiece. It's essential that you get the most work out of the fewest joules and that the energy you pay for isn't lost creating useless heat and wear on your machine components. A PulsePoint™ shepherds every watt of power through the laser resonator and delivers it on time and on target—every time. With little to no loss. With little to no wear. In fact, the flashlamp in a PulsePoint delivers 10–17 million shots before it needs replacement.

Free Training with Experts.

Free Training with Experts.

Arrange to visit Rio Grande for free, hands-on training with our experts. Visit and ask questions, see demos, discuss your business needs—even before you buy. At our facility, Neutec®-certified technicians will train you or your operators in the basic use and daily care of the PulsePoint™. Or, you may choose to send your technician here for a day of hands-on training in long-term maintenance and consumable replacement procedures.

At Your Service—Night & Day.

At Your Service—Night & Day.

Built with the best know-how, components and materials, the PulsePoint™ delivers the long-lasting service and reliability that is the trademark of Neutec® equipment. Every machine is fully warranted (parts and labor) against manufacturer's defects and failure under reasonable and proper use for two full years (repairs are performed at the factory).

Our technical team is always at your service for any question or challenge you may encounter and, with our technical hotline, you have access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You have always been able to trust Rio Grande ... Their line of laser welders was developed because they didn't like the shortcuts others offered.
—Steve Satow, Master Laser Welder

Which PulsePoint is Right For Your Business?

Studio Plus 100 with Camera

Studio Plus 100 with Camera

Studio Plus 100

Studio Plus 100

Studio Plus 60

Studio Plus 125

Studio Plus 60

Studio Plus 60

Studio Plus 130

Plus 130

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158 results | 6 pages
Jewelry Torch Anatomy, Safety and Setup
Mark Nelson takes the fear out of using fire and flame by explaining the differences between jewelry torches, their setup and basic safety tips.
How to Solder End Cap Onto a Silver Chain
Learn how to finish your chains and necklaces professionally with any clasp you like by soldering end caps onto sterling silver chain.
How To Light and Adjust Your Smith SilverSmith Torch
Spend a few minutes with Bruce Buhler from Smith Equipment and see how to light and adjust your Silversmith torch to get the best results.
Soldering with Mark Nelson as seen on Beads, Baubles and Jewels
Mark Nelson tours the basic tools you'll need for soldering and the preparation necessary for soldering a jump ring together.
Using Recycled Metal Spacer Beads To Create a Ring, Part II
Findings harvested from discarded or unwanted jewelry pieces need not go to the scrap bucket! See how to repurpose findings into new, contemporary jewelry pieces!
Soldering 103: How To Choose the Right Soldering Torch
In this continuing series of videos on soldering from Rio Grande, Mark Nelson explains how to select the right torch for the jobs you'll need to accomplish.
How To Apply Basic Soldering, A DVD Excerpt
Preview our popular Basic Soldering DVD! In this excerpt you'll learn how to solder a butt joint on a ring using silver hard solder.
How To Solder Jewelry DVD, Vol. 1
Get comfortable setting up and using soldering torches, and learn about soldering tools as well as safety techniques.
Making Dragon Post Earrings Using the Rebecca Chung Jeweled Dragons Dynasty Stamp Texture Sheet
Work along with designer Candace Gates as she creates a pair of dragon earrings using a Rebecca Chung designed Dynasty texture stamp in this video from Rio Grande.
How to Make a Loop & Loop Chain
Mark Nelson shows you how to make a handmade loop & loop chain for necklaces or bracelets.
How To Solder Jewelry DVD, Vol. 2
In this volume, you'll learn to expand your techniques to create more complex jewelry designs
How To Solder Gold-Filled Chandelier Earrings
Mark Nelson demonstrates techniques and tips for soldering on gold-filled material making a pair of chandelier earrings with Swarovski Elements.
Soldering 101 - What is Soldering, Anyway?
In this collaborative video from Rio Grande, Mark Nelson explains what soldering is and an inserted clip (provided courtesy of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) illustrates what's happening as you solder--right down to a molecular level.
How To Light Your Smith LittleTorch for Acetylene Fuel
Share a few minutes with Bruce Buhler as he shows you how to safely and efficiently light your Smith acetylene torch.
Soldering 102: Basic Soldering Set-Up
In this continuing series of videos on soldering from Rio Grande, Mark Nelson explains how to select a location and set up your soldering area.
How To Light Your Smith LittleTorch for Propane Fuel
Share a few minutes with Bruce Buhler as he shows you how to safely and efficiently light your Smith propane torch.
How To Make Metal Spool Beads
Mark Nelson uses a jeweler's saw and soldering tools to make a series of fun and simple metal spool beads.
Setting Up and Using the Ready-Ox Oxygen Generator Torch System
Learn to set up and use the Ready-Ox oxygen generator torch system in this clear, easy-to-follow video hosted by Mark Nelson of Rio Grande's technical support team.
Using Recycled Metal Spacer Beads To Create a Ring, Part I
Findings harvested from discarded or unwanted jewelry pieces need not go to the scrap bucket! See how to repurpose findings into new, contemporary jewelry pieces!
Soldering 201: Soldering and Working With Argentium Silver
Follow along with industry favorite and Argentium® Silver expert Ronda Coryell as she shares a variety of tips for working with Argentium Silver.
How to Set Up Your Little Torch Propane/Oxygen System
Mark Nelson shows you how to safely set up your Little Torch™ torch and fuel tanks for safe, efficient soldering and torch firing.
"Shake It Up" Men's Beaded Necklace Project
"It's a Man's Man's World," TOO, when it comes to beaded jewelry! In this simple soldering project from Rio Grande, you'll see how easy it is to create a variety of beads that are ideal for stringing onto a rubber or leather cord for the casual
Basic Plus Soldering
Learn how to tackle the curve balls and real-life scenarios of...
Type : Recurring
Class Date : Sept. 25 & 26, 2014 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Class Price : $355
Level : Intermediate
Basic Soldering
Embrace the flame! Learn what the flame of a torch can do for...
Type : Recurring
Class Date : April 15 & 16, 2014 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Class Price : $345
Level : Beginner
Workshop Price : $395
How To
How To Solder More Successfully
These tips can help you solder more successfully and more reliably . . . every time.
How To
How To Use Rio Ready Flux
Save time by using our exclusive self-pickling Ready-Flux™ for your next soldering job. Learn how to use it here.
How To
How To Use Firescoff Ceramic Flux
This revolutionary spray-on ceramic coating provides ultra-consistent solder flow and unbeatable protection against
How To
How To Use Rio No-Flo Anti-Flux Powder
Learn how to safely use Rio No-Flo anti-flux powder as an anti-solder. Excellent for filigree work.
How To
How to Ensure Perfect Soldering
Practice makes perfect; practicing with any new soldering machine will give you the experience you need to ensure a good result.
How To
Why Weld with the Hydroflux Welding Machine?
Learn the benefits of using oxyhydrogen welding for jewelry-making applications.

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