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3M Sanding Paper
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Polishing and Finishing
Home > Remove Tools and Equipment > Remove Polishing and Finishing
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JoolTool System Demonstration From Grinding To Polishing
See a demonstration of the JoolTool polishing system, showing the versatility and effectiveness of this amazing equipment during the JCK Las Vegas show.
Texture and Patinas DVD
Get a sneak peak into impressing textures into metal with a rolling mill and applying colorful patinas to finish your pieces.
How To Patina a Pair of "Vintage" Earrings
Open an entire world of color and design choices with oxidizing patinas. Mark Nelson shows how to "age" metals and more using a number of patina recipes.
How To Prevent Tarnish On Your Jewelry Pieces
Discover what tarnish is, how it attacks your jewelry, and how to clean it away and keep it from coming back.
How to Tumble-Clean Charms and Small Castings
Use the tumbling method to smooth and polish charms and other small castings.
Why To Choose and How To Use Sunshine Cloths
Get the down-low on why Sunshine® Cloth is your best choice for so many polishing and cleaning needs!
Basic Jewelry Hammering & Forming Teaser
Watch this short excerpt of Bill Fretz's tutorial DVD, Basic Jewelry Hammering & Forming.
Jewelry Polishing and Finishing Techniques
Mark Nelson shows various techniques for getting the best shine out of your jewelry pieces.
Avalon TE-18 Centrifugal Tumbler Tour
Discover all the features of the Avalon TE-18 centrifugal tumbler and learn how this new finishing machine raises the bar on build quality and functionality.
Etched Copper Cuff Bracelet Projects
Use the E3 etch kit and your Bonny Doon stakes and hammer to create intricately patterned cuff bracelets in this project from Rio Grande.
How To
3M Trizact Abrasive
See how to create a superior finish with exclusive Trizact abrasives developed by 3M.
Buffs and Compounds Selection Guide
Use this handy guide to help you select the most effective combination of buff and compound for each of your production steps.
How To
How to Use Baldor Tapered Shaft Motors
Learn how to use Baldor tapered shaft motors.
How To
How To Use Midas Antique Brown Paint
Learn how to safely add a brown antique matte finish to any metal.
How To
How To Use Midas Finish Seal Lacquer
Learn how to set a clear, hard and abrasion-resistant finish on jewelry.
How To
How To Use Midas Blue Oxidizer
Learn how to safely apply a blue oxidation to brass, bronze, copper or nickel.
How To
How To Use Sunsheen Brass Deburring Compound
Suspend sludge materials and increase the efficiency of mass finishing cycles using Sunsheen brass deburring compound.
How To
How To Use Sunsheen Steel Shot Cleaner
Sunsheen Steel Shot Cleaner is acid based and non-caustic so you can use it with most machines including those with a neoprene lining.
How To
How To Use Silver Glory Anti-Tarnish Solution
Here's how to prepare and use Silver Glory anti-tarnish solution to protect your silver jewelry pieces.
How To
How To Use Sunsheen Red Buff Tumbling Media
Learn how to effectively use red buff media to give a final finish to gold, brass, copper and bronze.
How To
How To Use Sunsheen Burnishing Compound
For use with regular steel and stainless steel shot. This compound can also be used with porcelain media. Can be safely used with neoprene-lines finishing machines.
Dust Collector 1/2-HP Instructions
Learn how to set up and use your polishing or finishing dust collector.
How To
How To Use Chrome Oxide Paste
Chrome oxide paste polishes silver, nickel, and white metal. This paste should be used with Walnut Shell in mass media finishing equipment.
How To
How To Use Strat-O-Sheen
Learn how to safely use this burnishing compound.
How To
How To Use Break Away Investment Remover
Learn how to use this dry powder in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove investment.
How To
How To Use Super Sunsheen Non-Chelating Deburring Compound
Specially formulated for brass and copper alloys. This concentrate is specifically designed to be used with all abrasive media and to suspend the sludge material generated by the mass finishing cycle.
How To
How To Use Midas Antique Black Paint
Learn how to safely add a black antique matte finish to any metal.
How To
How To Use Sunsheen Carbon Steel Shot Storage Solution
Learn how to prevent rust when storing steel shot for longer than two days.
How To
How To Use Etching Mordant Copper
Learn how to safely cut a design into metal using this etching mordant.
How To
How To Use Walnut Shell
Learn how to effectively use walnut shell media in mass finishing and tips for staying safe around this material.

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