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Tools and Equipment
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1182 results | 40 pages
How To Fold Form a Metal Bead
Fold forming gives life to any metal sheet; in this project Mark Nelson shows how to make a twist bead using bench jewelry tools.
How to Make a Triangle Component with the Swanstrom Link-Forming Pliers and Delrin Insert
See how simple it is to create a triangle-shaped component using the Swanstrom link-forming pliers and Delrin® insert. Tim Sheriff demonstrates in this video from Rio Grande.
Setting Up and Using the Flat Engraver Machine
Take the worry out of setting up your flat engraver! These easy-to-follow directions lead you step-by-step through the process.
Silhouette Die Forming Demo With the Bonny Doon Press
Watch how fast you can form a silhouette die for transferring patterns and textures to jewelry using the Bonny Doon hydraulic press.
Jewelry Torch Anatomy, Safety and Setup
Mark Nelson takes the fear out of using fire and flame by explaining the differences between jewelry torches, their setup and basic safety tips.
Re-Mixed Media DVD
See what amazing jewelry you can create with simple, found-metal objects using just a few tools and techniques.
Features and Safety For the Rio PMC Kiln
Watch the programmable settings and metal clay presets of the Rio PMC kiln, then learn about kiln safety tips.
Neutec J-zP and J-zP Autocast Casting Machine Features and Benefits Video
Take a tour around the Neutec J-zP and J-zP Autocast casting machines in this video.
DigitalWax Rapid Prototyping Tour
Now you can cast--even mass produce--your wildest design ideas! See the future of jewelry design in this DigitalWax® rapid prototyping tour.
The Benefits of Using Fitted Neutec Flask Tongs
See for yourself why Neutec fitted flask tongs are such a great investment in your casting operation. They are safer for the operator, more secure, longer-lasting, and protect the service life of your flask as well as the invested patterns they
Installing and Using the Jayne Redman Rotational Bench Pin
Jayne Redman demonstrates her innovative rotational bench pin, showing you how to install the base onto your bench and how to install and use the work surface/bench pin.
Blaine Lewis On Precision Bur Control While Setting Gemstones
Renowned teacher, stone-setter and president of New Approach School for Jewelers, Blaine Lewis demonstrates how to use burs effectively to achieve precise control and prevent damage while creating stone settings.
Installing and Changing Saw Blades in Knew Concepts Jeweler's Saw Frames
Follow Mark Nelson as he demonstrates how to install or change saw blades in your Knew Concepts jeweler's hand saw frame.
JoolTool System Demonstration From Grinding To Polishing
See a demonstration of the JoolTool polishing system, showing the versatility and effectiveness of this amazing equipment during the JCK Las Vegas show.
Making a Twist-Forged Bracelet with the Fretz Jeweler's Sledge Hammer
Enjoy this video from Rio Grande in which jewelry tool designer Bill Fretz uses the Fretz Jeweler's sledge hammer to create a striking cuff bracelet with a twist accent.
Flex Shaft 101 Tutorial
Ever wondered what you use a flex shaft for and why you should invest the money? Mark Nelson shows all the things you can do with this versatile tool.
Using the Proxxon Light-Duty Micro Lathe
See how to use the Proxxon light-duty lathe to create smooth, intricate designs.
The Trendsetter Wheel
In this video from Rio Grande, Blaine Lewis of New Approach School for Jewelers, shows you how effective his TrendSetter™ Wheels are for practicing the art of setting a variety of gemstones.
How to Solder End Cap Onto a Silver Chain
Learn how to finish your chains and necklaces professionally with any clasp you like by soldering end caps onto sterling silver chain.
Neutec J-2R Casting Machine Features and Benefits Video
Take a tour around the Neutec J-2R casting machine in this video.
How To Make a Mokume Gane Washer Ring
Mark Nelson makes a seamless washer ring using a silver and gold mokume gane sheet and the Swanstrom disc cutter.
How to Set Up a Jewelry Work Bench
Whatever your workspace is, Mark Nelson has some great tips for optimizing your bench or studio space with must-have tools and accessories.
How To Apply Nano-Ceramic E-Coating Video
Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use Kliar nano-ceramic e-coatings to add colorful, tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic coatings to your conductive metal jewelry pieces.
Texture and Patinas DVD
Get a sneak peak into impressing textures into metal with a rolling mill and applying colorful patinas to finish your pieces.
How To Stamp Metal: Tips with Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson shows basic metal stamping tips so you can properly hallmark metal or add quality stamps, branding and design elements to your jewelry.
Tour of Jewelry-Making Hammers & Mallets
Mark Nelson takes us on a tour of over a dozen basic and specialty hammers and mallets for forming metal and jewelry-making.
Using the Matt Wax Trimmer to Create a Basic Wax Ring Blank
In this video, see how to use the Matt™ wax trimmer to create a basic ring shape that will form the foundation of a more professional, more precisely formed design.
Easy Electroforming For Jewelry DVD
Gain insight into making electroformed jewelry and discover why this simple process could be just what you're looking for!
Why Choose DigitalWax Systems for Your Shop?
In this video from Rio Grande, see the benefits of rapid prototyping for your shop and why Digitalwax technology is so critical to your business' efforts in adding the technology of laser-guided rapid prototyping to your manufacturing processes.
How To Light and Adjust Your Smith SilverSmith Torch
Spend a few minutes with Bruce Buhler from Smith Equipment and see how to light and adjust your Silversmith torch to get the best results.

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