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12 results | 1 pages
Rose-Cut Cabochon Earrings Project
Glorious rose-cut cabs are easy to set and their many facets provide a glittering play of light in this project from Rio Grande
Green Chalcedony Drop Earrings Project
Create attractive drop earrings with wire and irregularly shaped chalcedony slice cabochons in this project from Rio Grande.
Project Accessory "Butterfly Kiss" Druzy Quartz Bib Necklace, Week Seven
Rio's Mark Nelson sets more than a dozen cobalt blue druzy cabochons into sterling silver bezel mountings, then links them together to create a glamorous bib-style necklace. Check out our take on Project Accessory's Week Seven, Red Carpet Buzz
How To
Caring For Your Cabs
When you know how to care for your cabochons, you help ensure a long, brilliant life for them.
How To
Guide to Turquoise Treatment Terms
Learn what each term means as they relate to turquoise stones.
How To
How To Understand Druzy Quartz Grades
All druzy quartz is not the same. Here's how to understand the differences.
How To
How To Set Cameos and Cabochons
Here's a tip on how to set flat-backed stones such as cabochons and cameos.
How To
How To Solve The Sizing Puzzle For Cabochons
It's not unusual to find that your cabochon and your corresponding bezel do not match closely enough; here's how to solve that puzzle and ensure a professional setting result.
Instructions for Using Crushed Stone for Chip Inlay
These instructions show you how to successfully inlay your designs with crushed stone.
How To
Top-Quality Hematite Defines Top-Quality Designs
Rio offers top-quality hematite to help you deliver your highest quality designs.
Simulated Fire and Ice Opal Block MSDS
Material safety data sheet

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